1094 Budapest, Viola utca 50.

High-level, patient-oriented attendance by specialists
in pleasant, comfortable milieu

  • Solicitude, patience, professionalism.
  • Modern cardiologic instruments with patient, caring and proficient staff .
  • Complex cardiologic screening for private persons an, companies and ventures.

Those who we are for
Those who want to diagnose presumably heart-related complaints

  • Cardio-vascular patients expecting professional treatmentĀ  of their diseases
  • Hobby sportsmen who would like to know the maximum pulse rateĀ  till which they may load themselves without threatening their cardio-vascular system.
  • Managers, needing stable physical condition and wanting to avoid unexpected health catastrophes.
  • Diabetics, who expect professional treatment
  • Companies, ventures providing high-level medication for their employees.
  • Overstrained people suffering from stress disease loaded wanting to discover the real background of their complaints.
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